viernes, 28 de septiembre de 2012

You were sitting in the middle of the bed. and i was wondering why you were so scared. And everybody say “you’re just perfect” Remember how you could jump from one side to other? and now you just can sit and watch..
But you don’t have to feel so blue. You can hold my hand if you feel alone. i’ll be here for you. 
You can come with me to a endless land. Don’t have to run. We can hide from the monsters. These days are grey, but i have to say, your smile light all the room.
I only ask for one more day, remember all the wonderful things we lived?
One day we can go far and fly in the sky. but for now we’re just lay here. 
Don’t stress, i’ll wipe away your tears.
You’ll be perfect. everything will be alright.
I’ll be by your side for ever. i’ll take your hand and kiss your tears away. 
You have your whole life, but you have been taken too soon..
I remember the day you were in the middle of the bed, just crying.
You ask me why. And my tears start streaming down my face..
You hugged me and promised me be better. 
And i just told you.. “You never be better than now”

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